Workshop Testimonials – Goal Setting for the Soul

‘Goal Setting for the Soul’ Workshop Testimonials

‘Like no other goal setting I’ve ever done! I was desperately lacking clarity and direction, but this was a very different approach to goal setting, more holistic than any goal setting I’ve ever done in the work environment. You get beyond the ‘I should’ (driven by others values) to the ‘I need’ which is driven by your own. My thoughts and feelings are organised and have started to set a new direction for my life!’

Bonnie Douglas, Mathematician, Melbourne

‘Fantastic! I was already fairly knowledgeable in goal setting but lacking practical steps to action and fully commit. Michele gave me very practical tools to take with me and use in my everyday life. Delivered at just the right pace, practical and easy to follow and being a workshop means you actively work on your own tasks immediately. I cant wait to see what 2013 has in store for me now!! What an amazing day! xx’

Kelly Webb, Massage Therapist, Melbourne

‘Hi Michele, I have just been going over my notes from your goal/intention setting workshop! I have come to realise from what is written on paper that two out of my three of my main priority goals have actually been achieved almost 1 year in advance! Wow! I was amazed when I read over and realised. I look forward to future endeavours with you Michele, you have great talent! xx’

Cory Bartholomeusz, Event Manager and Visual Artist, Melbourne

 ‘A great workshop to give clarity and focus to what you want to manifest in your life.  I knew I wanted to run my own massage practice, but I couldn’t SEE it. I can truly see it now – the steps I need to take to achieve it. Loved the goal setting and visualisation. I got to really feel the end result and experience it as such, and to become aware of how much/little time I spend in different areas of my life.’

Melissa Tyrrell, Massage Therapist, Melbourne

‘Michele is very astute at noticing what one’s blocks are, that one needs to be committed to their intention, the goals that get you there and to question whether the goals are really mine. Lovely Day – Christine Anderson, Legal Administrator, Melbourne

The day was great – I came away with stuff I’m excited about putting into action! Before the workshop I was scatty, and confused about where I want to go.  Now I can look at the bigger picture but also break it down to make it manageable. It really put things in a different perspective for me.’ Holly Taffe, Not-for-profit Program Manager, Melbourne

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