Workshop Testimonials – Answering the Call of the Soul

Answering the Call of the Soul – Workshop Testimonials

Part 1 – Todays work shop was amazing. For someone full of energy like myself, this helps to put priorities in place and understand what needs to be done in order to achieve my career and life purpose goals. Much love !

Part 2 – Just wanted to let you to know I’m on fire! I’ve never been so motivated and focused in my life. I’m totally focused on finishing my Kinesiology study and already talking to people at [my current workplace] about how I can bring holistic wellness in there, and combine my nutrition too.  They are all saying they just knew this was what I was supposed to be doing.

Oh and to top it off, since I got really clear on what I wanted in a relationship and that life purpose is about everything in my life, not just what brings in the dollars, I’ve met the man of my dreams and are set to wed in Bali in September. Life is great!

Claire Quarell, Flight Attendant, Kinesiologist, Wellbeing & Fitness Extraordinaire Melbourne


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